Thursday, 11 September 2014

Another weekend, another wedding

It's been a busy summer and it ended last weekend with the wedding of my brother, Robin, and his fiancee, Michaela.

Michaela had worked so hard to plan the wedding and had made a lot of the decorations herself, including over 60 origami cranes (which I kept calling geese), which were hung in a curtain behind the top table...

...the favours - small viles of champagne flavoured tea which she filled and labelled herself, and home made biscuits...

...her sister had made bunting...

...the bridesmaids spend the day before the wedding fluffing the tissue paper pom poms you can see...

...there were jars in all different shapes and sizes with lace for flowers and candles... and polaroid photos

My parents on their wedding day and my Granny as a young girl

And we spent all of Sunday morning laying this out in the venue, before the wedding at 12noon. I was rushing around like a mad thing!

But it was worth it - the venue looked spectacular.

As did the bride and groom.
My Mum and Dad with the newlyweds
Growing up, I was the family member that loved languages, and my brother hated them. The down side of marrying a girl from Sweden was a groom's speech in both English and Swedish. He did an admirable job!

Some Swedish traditions were included in the reception: for example every time you dinged your cutlery against a glass the bride and groom had to kiss. Every time Robin left Michaela at the top table alone, any men were allowed to go and give her a kiss - turned out it worked when Rob was left alone too - he got kissed by the men as well! And another Swedish tradition was that any one could give a speech. So I did. In which I introduced the assembled company to his childhood cuddly toy, Otis - well someone had to embarrass him.
I am holding Otis hostage until Mummy has done her speech!
It was a wonderful weekend for everyone, finished by a family picnic in Mum and Dad's garden on the Monday before driving home exhausted!


Lin said...

What a beautiful wedding - so much more personal when the decorations etc are all done yourselves. Lovely. xx

Sarah said...

A beautifully decorated wedding. Good on y for giving a speech!