Thursday, 4 September 2014

Buggy Quilts [two finishes]

Months ago I picked up six fat quarters of Petite Street from Dashwood Studios. I knew I wanted to make a hexy blanket for Mia's buggy.

I made this blanket with flannel on the back and no wadding - perfect for balmy summer evenings... but I had loads of hexies that I had already basted, and hadn't needed for the first quilt. So I decided to make another quilt.

To make it a bit different, I decided to pick up some background fabric and applique some hexy flowers. I used the leftovers from the first quilt backing to make the second, so this one is pieced, and again it's flannel with no wadding. The background fabric is a Moda Essential Dot and I free motion quilted strings of pearls top to bottom.

Once I'd finished the applique on the second quilt, I still had hexies left. At the start of the summer I'd been using a muslin (a lightweight loosely woven cloth normally used to mop up baby sick) to cover Mia's legs in the buggy on sunny days, held on  to the buggy with pegs. As a certain little lady has got older, she has become more interested in everything around her. Including the pegs. I found a clean muslin, ironed it (I never iron them), and attached a double row of hexies onto the muslin, to weigh it down a little in the summer breeze. I then bound it and added the same loops of binding to attach it to the buggy.

We used the lightweight cover at Sidmouth and it worked a dream. It also gave Mia something to chew in her buggy...

Unforunately I finished the muslin before the second blanket, and as I hadn't planned to make the muslin, I didn't have enough binding fabric - hence the splash of aqua binding on that second hexy quilt...And the second hexy quilt was on my list at the start of the quarter and is yet another Finish Along finish.

Finish Along 2014


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Lovely quilt. An idea to follow, the flanel background without wadding, especially here in Greece. Great for summer evenings!

Lin said...

Three lovely makes Jennie. I have used fleece on the back of a lap quilt instead of batting and backing. It does not slip around so much and is quick to wash and dry. xx