Friday, 3 October 2014

Arabella Hexagon Quilt II [a finish]

I'm sneaking one more finish in under the wire for the Finish Along from my epic list! For a while I've been meaning to make another version of the Arabella Hexagon Quilt. I made the first one back in May and decided to work on the pattern for it. As I gave away the first version, I needed to make a second version to check measurements and take photos etc. This last week I've been working on both the quilt and the pattern.

The inspiration for the colours for this quilt came from the backing fabric. It's from Timeless Treasures (I think) and it's based on the fact that young babies can see high contrast best - so black and white are perfect. But you need some colour for a quilt and red provides a good contrast against black and white.

I'm not 100% happy with the quilting - I had to do it with a regular foot as my machine is skipping stitches with the walking foot - my machine really needs to be sorted out. I also need to take some better photos...

I'll be linking this finish up with Katy in the next few days

Finish Along 2014

If anyone would be interested in being a pattern tester for this, please just let me know!

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Lin said...

Great design Jennie and I love the colour scheme. xx