Saturday, 25 October 2014

Botanics Zippy Pouch [a finish]

Another zippy pouch finished (and gifted)! This is pouch two of ten from my original Finish Along list for Quarter 4. This was the photo that showed a zip and some lace. The zip is the same one, but the lace just wasn't working in the end so I left it out.

I started by perusing my Pinterest board where I collect embroidery ideas. I picked an Urban Threads design of Autumn leaves. The design comes with the leaves individually and with the leaves on a tree. The tree would look fabulous as the centre of a cushion - maybe one day.

The embroidery is done on Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in natural with DMC 3809. I used two strands to outline the leaves and one strand for all of the internal detail.

I did some more graffiti quilting - you can see it this time, because I didn't have a thread that matched the fabric. I think it's Aurifil 4654 - a variegated turquoise.

This bottom photo shows the colour better!

The fabrics are Botanics on the front and a similar coloured solid on the back, and more Botanics for the lining.

I used the same tutorial as for the red zippy pouch with rotary cut panels and boxed corners.

Finish Along 2014

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Lin said...

Lucky person who received this - it is gorgeous. xx