Saturday, 4 October 2014

Quarter 3 [round-up]

You all thought I was stupid, didn't you? With my list of 17 projects at the start of the quarter and a baby girl. Go on, admit it, you did! Well.... not so much "sleep-deprived stupidity" as "sleep-deprived genius"! Of the 17 projects that I started with I have finished 12!

Finish Along 2014

I've already started thinking about Q4 (it's going to be epic) but before I share that, let me show you how I did this quarter! First up is my Post Card Quilt - this is the finish I'm linking up with this post as it was only finished at the end of September. But it deserved a post in its own right, so you can read more about it in this post.

In short, it was a great quilt along hosted by Debbie at a Quilters Table, which I used to showcase my lovely text prints. And because I don't have the right type of fabric for the front of postcards, I used solids and added interest with free motion quilting - my first time attempting this motif - not my last!

Here are my other finishes:

The Mini Medallion: I purposely chose a colour scheme outside of my comfort zone, i.e. no green. And I love it!

A Cross Cushion - I free motion quilted lines in each of the block, alternating horizontal and vertical and left the cross unquilted - I absolutely love the texture!

Tula Pink Modern Alphabet Mini: I loved the lap size version of this quilt, but that much white in my house - nope! So I shrunk it and it now hangs on the wall.

Swooning in a Crowd - this started as a plan to make nine mini swoons but I got bored half way through so just randomly pieced the rest of the fabric together - it made my head hurt! I've called it Swooning in a Crowd because you can barely find the Swoons - disappointing as they take so long to piece...

Buggy Blanket II - using up the remains from buggy blanket I. Again - a little lacking in contrast...

Nested Churn Dash - I made this quilt beginning to end in one month - I fell totally in love with the design the fabrics and the quilting!

My Tula City Sampler Cushion was a practice run before I quilt the full sampler. I might be my favourite finish of the quarter!

Arabella Hexagon Quilt II - I'm writing this up as a pattern so needed to make a second version as I gave the first version away...

Siblings Together Quilt - I got the bee quilt finished - I just need to get it posted now!

As a mummy who sews I felt I really should make a dress for Mia. And matching knickers!

And finally a fabric basket for the big stitch swap!

The things I didn't finish were my Skill Builder Quilt and my Sisters Quilt - both of which were not realistic (but a constant reminder). I tink these will now have to wait till next year before they reappear. I had a hexagon project I had cut but not really started. I haven't touched this. My big City Sampler is also untouched - I've been having issues with my machine and free motion quilting, so this needs to be fixed before I tackle it.

The final project which didn't get finished was my Mix Tape block. I've now pieced 15 blocks and got them together and this quilt has a purpose so I'm hoping to finish it very soon, but it will have to go into next quarter as I'm still waiting on the fabric I need to make a fabulous quilt back!

How did you do?


Marly said...

Jennie you amaze me! You must have averaged nearly one completed project a week! And all that with a small child. I take my hat off to you! Congratulations!

Lin said...

Great collection of finishes - well done. xx

Vera said...

Oh wow you done really well. Great parade of pretty projects!

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats on all your finishes!