Monday, 6 October 2014

Embroidery [lists]

I've really been enjoying embroidery recently. This has coincided with a few pictures popping up on Instagram of embroideries designed by Lilipopo. And then I learned from Sarah's posts that there was a sew-along with a free pattern of a girl working on her Christmas lists. I decided this would be a great way to try out one of these embroideries so downloaded the pattern and opened up the blog posts with the very detailed instructions.

I'm not into cutesy designs, but I am periodically drawn to designs of little girls. Many years ago when cross stitch was my poison of choice I stitched up this little girl in a green dress. Ever since, she has lived on my dressing table and I love her every day. This Lilipopo little girl spoke to me on the same level. Not cutesy, but sweetly innocent.

Rather than sticking with my normal methods of preparing for embroidery, I followed the instructions. I used some Essex Linen and didn't back it with the fusible interfacing I normally use. No fusible interfacing meant I could transfer the design with Frixion pen. I am a convert. The line given by the Frixion pen is so fine and I can iron it away when I'm done.

So on Friday night I took a little bit of a detour from this embroidery and tried a small design on regular quilting cotton (Painters Canvas in cream) backed with sew-in interfacing which I spray basted to the cotton. Not being fusible I could use a Frixion pen again. The interfacing was a bit tougher to get through with the needle than the interfacing I normally use, but I quickly stopped noticing the difference and it worked well. Next time I get the opportunity to peruse interfacings in person, I will look at lighter weight interfacing. I'm definitely going to try this again. In the meantime, this little sewing machine will become a zippy pouch.

Back to my Lilipopo girl: the Essex Linen is a slightly heavier fabric so I used no interfacing and she stitched up beautifully. Whilst most of the stitching is backstitch, which I use all the time, there were some new-to-me techniques too - I loved the pompom on the hat...

... and the technique for making her plaited hair.

And the stripey tights are wonderful.

I have enjoyed stitching this little design so much that I've ordered two more patterns - a witch and some pirates! I'm not sure what I will do with my little girl yet - most likely is a finished hoop.


Lin said...

She is lovely. Beautiful stitching Jennie. xx

Алла said...

очень красиво!

Wendy said...

she looks great! Love the sewing machine too, that's such a pretty pattern.

Sarah said...

She is very cute. I love the stripey tights!