Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WIP Wednesday [stipple]

Back in January I wrote a post called "Beaten" about a Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt. I had chosen wool wadding for the first time and discovered in disastrous manner that wool wadding and spray basting are simply incompatible. I shoved the quilt, with the small amount of puckered quilting, in a suitcase and exiled it to the top of the wardrobe in disgust! Needless to say it was not a Q4 finish for 2013. Well, it's Q4 again for the Finish Along and as this is a Christmas Quilt (in fabrics which came out and were purchased just before Christmas 2012 - Joy by Kate Spain), the quilt reappeared on the list.
This was last year - you can just about pick out
the single line of unsuccessful quilting

Whilst I've been off on maternity leave, I've been sewing with a great group of friends each week in a village hall - and village halls mean lots of space for basting. This week was my last opportunity to baste before I go back to work (there's a couple of weeks off in between - I don't go back just yet). I bought curvy safety pins and we had a group basting session (is it just me who thinks that would sounds rude if you're not a quilter?).

A certain someone has been a bit of a monster the last few days - refusing to nap and being awake for long periods during the night. She must be exhausted (I am). But today she napped. And instead of doing what I had planned to sew, I got out the Jelly Roll Quilt.

Mia napped for two hours and I stippled for two hours. She is a happy baby and I am a happy mummy, because after just two hours I finished quilting it. I quilted a basic stipple in all of the red sashing, leaving the stacked coins unquilted. It feels like a bit of a cop-out to stipple a quilt, as I know I can do other designs. But this quilt was so large, that tackling anything else seemed daft, and it was nice to do something so mindless for two hours.

The photographs are rubbish today - there are three reasons for that: I've lost the charging lead for my camera, so I'm using my phone; the weather is horrid; and Mia had just woken up so I was rushing. This is the quilt in my living room. Taking up most of my living room.

And this is the only photo I managed to take with the dying camera, and the only one you can see the quilting in.

Ad the backing fabrics I picked up in the post-Christmas sales last year:
Next up is one of my least favourite jobs - trimming the quilt.... and then the binding - which was made this time last year.

On a non-quilty note, I went to the dentist today. First time in 9 years. How bad am I. It's not that I dislike dentists, I'm just lazy and nothing hurt, so I didn't bother going... but whilst I have a maternity exemption still, I decided to use it. Despite the long gap, my teeth are asolutely fine. Which is good. My husband's teeth disintegrate when you look at them - it's a family trait. Let's hope Mia takes after Mummy, not Daddy!

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Diane-crewe said...

well done .. having allowed it to mature !! it is now.. almost.. a wonderful project for THIS Christmas xx

Lin said...

Think how good it will be to have it ticked off your list! The stippling looks good and works well. Lucky you with the dentist. I need to go and I think my dentist has disappeared! xx

Anonymous said...

Well done for getting the quilt out of the suitcase! The stippling was a good solution in the time constraints you are dealing and it looks great!
I've just spent the day in a village hall with quilting friends - there's nothing like the hum of chat and sewing machines!
Hope you catch up on sleep.
Best wishes