Monday, 13 October 2014

Baby Quilts: Trellis

As I mentioned in my Quarter 4 Finish Along list, everyone we know seems to be having babies... so I need to be making some baby quilts. I have a couple in the works which are slightly more complex than they probably needed to be, but today I knocked out a whole quilt! It helped that a teething little madam slept for 4 hours!

I picked the fabrics on Saturday, drafted the block, made up a test block and did the cutting yesterday, and pieced the rest of the quilt today. I'm pretty chuffed with myself.

The central fabrics are from Makower, and the rest are Kona solids. In hindsight the colours maybe have too high a contrast, but contrasts are good for babies, so I'm not going to dwell on it for long.

And to finish up the post, Mia playing peekaboo with her quilt!

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Allison Reid said...


The quilt is cute but Mia is cuter! I think the colours you've used are great. I've been fiddling around with Ohis Star blocks today to make a Christmas table runner and there's not really enough contrast to see the star clearly. So stick with your selection - your choice was good!
Allison, UK