Friday, 28 September 2012

A Green Finish

I have a finish this evening:

This is a baby quilt for Sebastian. We met Sebastian this week. He is now out of hospital and weights 5lb 4oz at 4 weeks old. He is soooooo tiny. He may have to grow into the quilt as it's about 35x50".

I picked 35 blocks from the Farmer's Wife Sampler Book and pulled loads of greens out of my stash, along with a Kona that isn't bright white, but not far off.

I had originally planned to sash the blocks with the same colour fabric as the background and then quilt roound each block in a contracting thread to frame it. This was my first finish using the walking foot, and although I'm really pleased with it, it isn't perfect, and when I used a contracting thread you could see wobble. So I pulled it all out and used white. It turns out it didn't need a contrast to frame the blocks as the quilting does this on it's own.

This was a good practice with the quiting, as I intend to something very similar with my big Farmer's Wife - in a matching thread!

I love the backing: it's a moda fabric from a range called Love U (I think). The binding is a Nancy Halvorsen fabric I picked up this afternoon - I'd been planning on binding it in white too, but that would have been too much.

This is another one for the Third Quarter Finish ALong

2012 Finish-A-Long

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Nic said...

Beautiful! Congrats on the finish