Sunday, 23 September 2012

Papillon Finish I

Today I finished a quilt! I hadn't planned to work on this particular quilt this weekend, but I called out to me this afternon.

I started the day with this

and ended the day with this.

Trimmed, borders added, basted, quilted in a free motion stipple and bound.

The finished quilt is 51x53" - a fairly small lap quilt. The fabric is a custom jelly roll of Papillon by 3Sisters for Moda. The backing is a extra wide cream calico which is dead boring. Although I'm calling this finished, if time, opportunity and inclination present themselves, I may use some of the offcuts to make some small hexagons flowers to applique onto the back. We'll see how that goes!

Not bad for a day that started at A&E because Michael though he had broken his finger playing football yesterday! He hasn't. And his sister, who is a nurse at A&E, just laughed at him!

This is the first of two matching quilts for two Great Aunts. I have started the second, but not made much progress.

This is one of my finishes for the third quarter of the Finish Along, so at the end of quarter three (next week) I'll be linking up to Rhonda! I don't think Papillon II will be making the cut though!
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Cherie said...

Wow what a great finish! Wish I had that motivation to get my quilts finished up! =D

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Such a lovely finish and a very productive day for you. well done. now onto the next project :o) hugs

Nic said...

Not a bad day's work (you overachiever, you) :)