Sunday, 30 September 2012

Joyous Mod Pop!

I finished two quilts this weekend. So I get to start two more. Those are the rules, right?

I signed up for Leanne's Mod Pop-Along, but it was only yesterday that I finally got round to starting it. I made myself some plasttic templates and played with some scraps. Leanne has a great video tutorial for sewing curves without pins. It's just as well. The pattern calls for about 120 Drunkards Path units - pinning those would kill me. It took some practice, but I think I have it sussed! I'm glad I didn't start with my proper fabric first, as the unpicking leads to much fraying.

I spent three hours this morning rotary cutting the units from which you cut the curves, and then the rest of today making up the first block

Just one dodgy bit that I had to unpick, so I'm calling this a sucess. I'm even managing with templates!

And last night, after I'd practiced curves, it was too late to really start on the real fabric, so I pulled out the Joy Jelly Roll I've been threatening to cut into for a while. It was pretty mindless sewing strips together, but it does mean I have two starts this weekend! And both need to be finished for Christmas - ModPop is going to be a present, and Joy is Christmassy, so won't be much use if I don't finish it till January!

We had a guests this weekend - Michael's friend from Uni, Tom, came to visit and they did some off-road rallying. And Tom brought Baxter with him - the world's most enormous red labrador with the world's longest tongue. Archie and Charlie were not impressed.

p.s. This is what we're having for tea tonight - microwave chocolate cake in a mug - it takes just five minutes!


Nic said...

Yes, I think those are the rules :)
Swoon looks great. Looks like you've had a very busy weekend.
The cup cake looks interesting. But as I had a big wince glass filled with choc mousseearlier, I won't be trying that tonight :)

Leanne said...

I am so glad you are getting the curves!