Monday, 24 September 2012

It's still raining

The weather forecast has just said that we can expect 6 months rain in 24 hours!

But here it's just raining green blocks.... 13 more over the weekend and tonight:

Waterwheel (rotary cut)

Peaceful Hours (my favourite) - the centre and corners are rotary cut and then I foundation pieced (with freezer paper) each of the "funny blocks"

Linoleum - rotary cut - I treated the corners like snowball blocks

Greek Cross - this is the block I made to replace Homemaker - one day I'll attempt the Y-Seams in the original block

Gentleman's Fancy - foundation pieced

Friendship Star take 2 - rotary cut

Friendship Block - rotary cut

Homeward Bound take 2 - rotary cut (I'm still not sure)

Economy - foundation pieced

Broken Sugar Bowl - rotary cut

Box - rotary cut

Big Dipper - rotary cut

Batwing - foundation pieced

I must be nearly there!


Cherie said...

Wow what a set of blocks! You must have been sewing like crazy! =D

Nic said...

Love the blocks. Love rainy days - just look what you can do with them :)

Sue Wild said...

Lovely blocks, I love the greens