Monday, 17 September 2012

A weekend at home

Isn't it odd, how even though me and my husband have our own house, full of our own crap treasures, every time I visit my parents in the house where I grew up, I'm "going home"?

Well this last weekend I went home. Michael went to a stag weekend in London, and is still recovering from paintball (he has some beautiful bruises), and me and Archie and Charlie stayed at my Mums.

We went "up the hills" - Barton snuggles at the very end of the Chilterns and the hills are a National Nature Reserve and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interests) because of the rare plants found there. At Easter a small purple flower called the Pasque Flower blooms on one of the hills, called Plum Pudding, and the legend is that it only grows where Danish (i.e. Vikiing) blood once fell. And in the woods on the opposite side of the value is a very rare orchid. We didn't actually go up the hill, but did walk along the stream.

And we photographed the Farmer's Wife Quilt.

And then my Uncle visited and he spent an hour looking at the quilt - the different colours and shapes. It happened to catch the light - the sun was streaming through the window, and the next thing I knew we were holding the quilt up against the window - look what it does to the colours!

I think I may be doing something else in batiks very soon for him. He has a habit of falling asleep on the sofa, so he will actually use a quilt!

And we finished up the weekend by giving Aunty Marion her quilt - the Sew Intertwined quilt - which she absolutely loved, we basted the Farmer's Wife, and we had a lovely roast dinner with lamb!

Just after I'd written my last post, I called in on some blogs and discovered that I had won one of the prizes in the Sew Intertwined QAL! Wohoo! Thank you Jenna and Melissa!


Nic said...

Looks like a great weekend. I think a batik quilt for your uncle is definitely in order :)

Nic said...

PS. Love the pic with it up against the window

Isisjem said...

Your quilt looks fab and even more so with the light twinkling through it.

Cherie said...

What a great looking weekend. Ha I used to still say that when I moved out for a while.
Quilts look so pretty when held up to the light =D

katherine macwin said...

it certainly looks gorgeous and like a stained glass window