Thursday, 6 September 2012

Freezer Paper

I have used freezer paper before. But normally in classes for something very specific. I have a bit knocking about in my sewing cupbard but I can't even remember why I bought it anymore. Whilst browsing the web this afternoon I came across this tutorial for freezer paper foundation piecing. I'm foundation piecing some green Farmer's Wife blocks at the moment, so I decided to give it a go.

And here is the result: Periwinkle.

I think I'm a convert! The block required four sections all the same. Using the traditional method I ould have needed to draw it out 4 times. With freezer paper, I just used the same piece four times! Other things I liked about this technique: you don't have to shorten your stitch length, you sew beyond the stitching line and into the seam allowance, which I think makes the seams more secure, and you remove the template before stitching the pieces together (yes - I know I could have done this with the traditional method too). I am so pleased with how accurate this is and I think the final block lays flatter, because you're sticking the whole piece of fabric down to the freezer paper, rather than relying on pins and fabric and paper slipping. The only thinkg I need to suss out is how to reuce fabric wastage - I had this pretty much down with the traditional method so I reckon a bit of playing about and practice and I could have this worked out. Of course it does help that this is one of my favourite blocks and isn't too complicated!

I highly recommend giving this a go if you've never tried it before and the tutorial liked above is great. I now have 15 green Farmer's Wife blocks - 20 more to go for this quilt.

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Cherie said...

What a great looking block! I've heard so much about freezer paper but have never used it myself =D

Celtic Thistle said...

Such a neat block, will have to check out that tutorial!