Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I've been putting my new sewing space to work and I've made three more Farmer's Wife blocks for Sebastian's quilt. I knew I was going to foundation piece some some blocks, but not many, so I picked my absolute favourites.

#53 Jackknife: I love the alternative patterns you see if you refocus on the different colours.

#58 Mother's Dream. This one is so simple, but so pretty.

##97 Waste Know: This one was also quite straightforward when foundation pieced, but I love the movement in it.

There will be a few more as some of my favourites are foundation pieced. The hardest part of these blocks is picking the fabrics!

I ordered some paper piecing papers from the US on Friday - they arrived today - how quick is that!!! I'm also on the lookout for some extra wide fabric for backing some quilts and I'm really disappointed with the total lack of choice in the UK, especially with modern prints. So if anyone now a good stockist, please let me know.


Cherie said...

Gosh I know what you mean, fabric choosing is a nightmare!
That is speedy delivery. Maybe try sheets or bed duvets if you can find them on sale =D

quirky granola girl said...

what?! you are making a second one?

Nic said...

Great blocks. I'm really liking the greens