Sunday, 2 September 2012

My New Sewing Space

So Michael eventually came home and we made a start on sorting the bomb site out. We live in a three bed semi and we have filled it with a LOT of shit  treasures. Up till how I have sewed on a gateleg table set up in the middle of the living room. And as it's only a three bed semi, it ended up taking up most of the living room. Not ideal. Michael is a computer/xbox person and had a desk with his tv screen monitor on and an archair in the middle of the dining room. So we swapped. And too the opportunity to improve the storage a bit.

Here is my sewing area before.

And here is my sewing space now.

yes - the telly is huge!

I love my tree but I think he needs to sit on the
floor rather than the side board...
The desk was not part of the solution, but we can't get it apart! Over the next few weeks it will be moving to Linda's house for her sewing machine, and I will be going back to the gateleg table, so that when lots of people are expected I can put it all away and give us a lot more room.

All of the furniture is Expedit from Ikea and it went together really quickly and easily. I even have little drawers for bits and pieces. Unfortunately I have to share the storage with Michael...

And here  is my wonderful geeky hubby in gaming heaven in his new gaming space!

Apologies for the legs! It's been over 20 degrees here today!
Success (providing you don't look at the rest of the house!) Back to work tomorrow for a rest!


Cherie said...

It sure looks like a great improvement. How odd the table couldn't come apart. I like all the little shelves, tis a shame you have to share them less space for fabric! =D

Isisjem said...

It's good to get organised - but yeah shame you have to share - start on a plan to sneak his stuff out ;-)

Nic said...

I like how you've put the shelving on it's side to work for you. The drawer inserts and cubes are on my list too. How do you find them? It's always good to get things organised how you want them.