Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I blinked...

...and now it's already 3rd December.

So I've missed WIP Wednesday the last two weeks and I've nearly missed the opportunity to review November (which I would normally try and do on the first of December)... so let's try and get back on track.

The most notable change in November, and possibly and explanation for the above, is that I went back to work at the start of the month! Mia is splitting her time between Gran and the childminder and seems to be enjoying herself - she is also now on the move - crawling, pulling herself up to knees and now standing - our house is not yet child proof we have discovered. Her favourite toy to play with seems to be the foot control for my sewing machine.... which at the moment is my mother-in-law's machine, because mine isn't working. AGAIN.

Also not helping with blog writing, is that so much of what I'm working on at the moment are is Christmas presents, and so I'm waiting until after Christmas to share them - just in case. Here's what I can share from November:

I finished off the two advent calendars for my niece and nephew - James and Ellie-Jo like them and that's the most important thing.

I finished off my mini mix tape quilt for the IGminiswap, but only sent it last Friday so it hasn't arrived yet.

I did a Friday and Saturday workshop with Jennie Rayment

I think this will be the centre of a medallion quilt - long term

And I've been working on some baby quilts: making some Preppy the Whale blocks.

Finishing off some butterflies

And completing the boats quilt top

And a quick scout back through my blog has reminded me that I finished my Teardrops mini

And a mini for a friend

I actually achieved more in November than I remembered! Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day.

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Joanne said...

That a brilliant amount of finishes! I love your IG mini and those whales are so cute!