Monday, 22 December 2014

Moustache [a finish]

Remember the Moustache cushion front I showed you? Well now it's a cushion cover. And it's wrapped!

I trimmed down the piece I showed a couple of weeks ago, then added what I'm calling a peeped binding. I'm not sure what it's actually called... I took 1" strips of red yardage and folded them in half length-ways. I then basted them onto the cushion front within the seam allowance. I also basted the pieces of the envelope back to the front, as I didn't trust the fabric not to move about with that many layers!

Once in place I added the binding, made from the same fabric as the cushion body (so thicker to work with than regular binding), then brought it to the front and top-stitched it in place with a small amount of the red still showing. I love how this adds interest without being piping!

This is my second scrappy cushion made in a similar manner and I'm planning a quilt in the same techniques in the new year (along with a few other things!).

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pennydog said...

I believe what you call a peeped binding is unfortunately named a "flange" :D Seriously!