Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Preppy the Whale mini [a finish]

Some of my Q4 Finish Along goals have deadlines. Some just got added to the list because they were knocking about, half-finished. This is one of the latter category. And whilst sewing time is hard to come by at the moment, I decided about a week ago that rather than concentrate on the Christmas presents I had to finish, I would quilt this one up!

The pattern is Preppy the Whale by Elizabeth Hartman. I'm half way through making a baby quilt from this pattern and this mini was a practice run. It's such a quick and easy block that there was never any doubt I would be making the whole baby quilt. But it's not quite finished yet.

I decided on cross hatch quilting with lines a inch apart. Normally when I do cross-hatch quilting I mark each line with my hera marker, but this time I tried using the quilting guides again. And I just don't get the same accuracy. But with that many lines it's definitely the quicker way to do it. Also, I don't think I get the same degree of control with my Brother walking foot as I did with my Husqvarna walking foot.

The fabrics are Kona solids, the grey is from Comma and the aqua is a Cotton and Steel basics. The background is Painters Canvas in something that isn't quite white. I didn't have enough of the Comma dot to bind it, so pulled another print from the same range. Turns out it's a really, really odd colour grey and I couldn't find any other grey in my stash that matched! It's almost greeny. On the back I've used Ikea Nummer. Can you see my "deliberate" mistake?

This quilt has already been claimed: I was trying to photograph it on the floor and speed crawled the length of the room to get it! Doesn't she look pleased with herself!

As I mentioned, this was a goal on my Quarter 4 Finish Along list

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pennydog said...

No one looks at the back anyway, you're good ;) It's fab, it's such a cute pattern.

Kay said...

Just love this. x

Leanne said...

I hope you have a lovely holiday. The little quilt is adorable, I have this pattern to try one day too.