Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WIP Wednesday [Happy]

I have had some fantastic happy mail this last week! Firstly - a new lap top battery! Slightly dull, but rather important... then a package from Lin over at St. Victor Quilts, who sent me a lovely crochet book for my mother-in-law, and included this beautiful little postcard.

It's the second she has sent me and I realise I've never shared the first one either. Aren't these both amazing - I have no idea how she does it, but they are absolutely stunning!

I took advantage of Sew Me a Song's cheap postage for Black Friday and ordered a little Christmas present for myself. Even being hit by £20 customs charge this was a great deal. I haven't opened my package yet - it's from Mum and will be opened on Christmas morning!

And the same day my IG Mini Swap mini quilt arrived. Just a few days earlier my partner had received hers, so I can now reveal that I made for Julie at Distant Pickles and she made for me! Look at the gorgeous quilt I received:

And some fabulous extras, which Mia seemed to think were for her!

We had a fantastic weekend away in Edinburgh: Michael and I met there, in student accomodation about 100 yards from the hotel we stayed in this weekend.
Pentland Hills from the Castle Esplanade

It's the first time we'd been back together since we moved out of Edinburgh 6 years ago. It felt to 'easy' to be back there. We were joined by Michael's Mum, my parents, and my brother, Rob, and his wife, Michaela, and had a mini Christmas as Rob and Michaela will spend Christmas in Sweden with her family.

We ate lots, talked lots, and spent quite a while browsing the Christmas market. And on Sunday morning I found Bretzel - my favourite!

And then I got an email on Monday to tell me that I had won one of the prizes in Leanne and Nicky's Scraptastic Tuesday!

I've done a bit of sewing too! I have a few finishes to share with you in the coming days, and a few finishes I can't share for another week. What I can show you are these hashtag blocks.

I've had a good week, but the news brings a new horror every day at the moment. Molli Sparkles over in Sydney is fighting back with some quilts for the families of the two Australian heroes who lost their lives this week. If you would like to contribute blocks to this cause, then head over to Joshua's blog and get the details  here and here #glitteratitotherescue # sewingforsydney

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Lin said...

Lovely little mini quilt and sounds like a great weekend - it is years since I went to Edinburgh. xx