Tuesday, 21 September 2010

USB Located

I have now located a USB cable and here are the photos of the too-small mobile phone cases - despite size issues, they are very pretty.

This is the front of Vicky's mobile phone case - it's plain dye purple fabric, then I used a rubber stamp to put on the daisies, then stitched over them in DMC 210 - there were an awful lot of French knots....

Here is the back of the phone case. I haven't actually done anything to it, but I just loved the fabric so much I had to share it - I bought it as a 20p scrap from the Mill in Barton (I still have some left over), and it was only when I came to use it that I realised we had bought the same design of fabric, but in red, to go in Mum's tablecloth.

And this is the front of the second mobile phone case (ye to be checked for size). The fabrics are off-cuts from the cupcake quilt (picked by Steph). The flower design is stamped on the contrasting fabric (that I've also used for the back), then I attached the patch with blanket stitch in yellow.

The back is thoroughly unintersting... so no photo.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Harrogate and more

At the start of the month we (Linda, Aunty Judith and me) went down to Harrogate for the big quilt show. Despite an unnecessary diversion through Richmond on the way there we had a fantastic day. It was our first visit and was fantastic - I could have spent so much money on fabrics... so many pretty colours.... I came home with a fair few fat quarters (but didn't pay full proce for any of them) and stocked up on calico and wadding. I also found some fantastic pirate fabric - I don't quite know what I'm going to do with it, but it's perfect for James (aged 2 and a half) and Michael (aged 25 and a half)! Next year I am going to go with a specific project in mind and buy some of the gorgeous colours.

I can't find the cable to dowload the photos from my camera (again), but I've also completed a coupl of mobile phone cases: one for Vicky (which doesn't actually fit the phone) and one for Steph (yet to be tested for size). I've made a start on a case for my embroidery frame, I've made a start on Charlotte from John Clayton's Elegance range (Heritage), and I've made a start on James's name sign, but as yet, these aren't finished, and have taken a bit of a back seat whilst I work on a top secret project for Debbie (Letters Tied with Blue). Updates will follow...