Monday, 3 May 2021

Tablecloth [A Finish]

 Several years ago, right at the start of my quilting adventure, I made my Mum and Dad a tablecloth. Their dining room is quite dark and the table cloth was yellows and creams and golds to brighten it up. A few years later, Mum picked out some fabrics she liked for a quilt. The problem was that there wasn't much contrast in the fabrics she picked and I never found just the right pattern, so the fabrics sat in my cupboard. 

Last year, just as the world was shutting down, they had their living room and dining room redecorated. When it eventually got finished, it was clear that whilst the yellow tablecloth still looked good, their decoration has changed from a slight yellow to a slight greeny-blue. A new tablecloth was clearly required! And would you believe, the fabrics she picked out many years ago were perfect!

Some hours wasted on Pinterest and I had a pattern picked out. Sadly the source of the pattern seemed to result in a dead end so I drafted it myself. I started cutting out on 16th November - my friends thought I was mad starting a quilt with a Christmas deadline in mid-November, and a curved one at that, especially when I said I was planning to hand quilt it!

But I did it. I even cut it out, pieced it and then decided to make it bigger. I looked at it for a long time, trying to work out if there was a way I could quilt it on the machine, but I really had pictured it with hand quilting. So I went for it.

And the quilt was finished and posted so they could open it on Christmas Day. It was just a shame we couldn't be with them to see it. This photo of it on the table in their dining room was taken by Dad.