Sunday, 25 August 2019

Pretty Summer Sampler

Earlier this month I started a new project - I know that's very unlike me! It's a Block of the Month from Pretty Fabrics and Trims: three five inch finished blocks per month for 4 months over the summer, mixing embroidery, applique, English paper piecing and machine piecing (and eventually hand quilting too). I had saved up the blocks for the first two months to make on holiday, enjoyed making them while we were away and then came home to the next three blocks, which I haven't made yet.

Here are the month one blocks:

And the month two blocks.

 (ooops - I picked the wrong pink on my photo editing programme for one of those didn't I!)

You may be thinking, this isn't Jennie's normal thing... you're right, it isn't. But it reflects my changing tastes. Or rather my extending tastes (I'm not turning my back on rainbow and Tula any time soon. But I'm finding myself drawn to pastels and florals and vintge-y looking pieces more and more. I've never really liked Liberty fabrics, but now I'm starting to. I'm also really enjoying the applique! I've finally found a technique that works for me, using the applique paper method, and I'm enjoying it so much you may spot a few more new starts over the coming weeks!

I'm also hopeful that I finish this one soon! Perfectly achievable!

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Sharks Dinner Block of the Month

Well that was rather an unplanned hiatus - I didn't mean to go silent for a month... it's just that we've been quite busy and the sewing I'm doing at the moment hasn't been particularly share-worthy as I go. But I'm back and have some blocks to share: first up the Sharks Dinner blocks for July:

And for August

I love these blocks - they use unusual shapes and are a new challenge each month - mostly deciding where to put which fabric - I'm not use to such a limited colour palette!

I now have nine blocks made (the first eight pictured above), and a couple have been appliqued to the background already. The last block comes in November, which theoretically leaves December for putting it all together. I think I'm going to pick a small element from one of the blocks and make it up to go into the middle of the gaps above where four blocks come together. What do you think?

The blocks are all designed by Elisabeth at Shark's Dinner and are available on her blog.