Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas Sewing: Decorations

In the past I have made the kids decorations to go on the tree. For Mia for her first Christmas, for Jess for her first Christmas (and one for Mia at the same time). I had planned to make them one every year, but last year it just didn't happen and they had shop bought decorations in their Christmas Eve boxes. When we first decorated the Christmas Tree this year, Mia pulled out the handmade ones from previous years and gave them a kiss and excitedly hung them on the tree.  When the shop bought ones came out, they showed no interest in them whatsoever: a pretty good indication that Mummy needs to make handmade ornaments!

So this December some handmade felt ornaments were definitely on the to-do list. I picked a pattern that I'd saved on Pinterest ages ago: penguins - pattern by Casa Magubako

I took inspiration from the colour ways in the pattern and made one in pink with a purple scarf for Jess

And a grey one with a red scarf for Mia.

That was me done - ticked off the to-do list. Two little penguins all ready for the Christmas Eve box. Then I sent a few hours going through my low volume stash and found a fabric from Little Town (Art Gallery) which I bought a year ago with the intention of making some Christmas decorations. So the evening before Christmas Eve, I knocked these up.

Quite pleased with all four decorations and I really enjoyed making them... but I may have to restock my felt collection before then as I have a pink-lover in the family and very little pink felt left!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Hidden Agenda

You all know I love a quilt along, and you probably are also aware by now that I have developed quite the enthusiasm for Tula Pink fabrics over the last 10 months. So when the Hidden Agenda pattern was released by Angela Pingle, I did think how good Tula fabrics would be for it. And then she announced a quilt-along and I was sold.

This was absolutely the most fun quilt to put together. Obviously with Tula Pink, and obviously in a rainbow. There was quite a lot of laying out and rearranging to get the rainbow effect, but it was definitely good fun.

I tweaked the pattern a bit and decided not to include the quarter-square triangle units, so I could display more fussy cutting, but this was one of the easiest quilts to create and I love the finished quilt top.

But why isn't it already quilted? Well. While I was making it, I happened to be rummaging through my low volume stash and I though wouldn't it be great to make a low volume version. And then rather than upset the Committee with yet another quilt added to The List, I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to have Rainbowfied Tula on one side, and quiet low volume on the other. The low volume quilt top is started and all the square in square units are done. Theoretically it should be easy to get put together from this point.... except then a good friend had a brainwave of her own.... why don't I put it together in a mirror image and then when I baste it, it will be easy to line up and truly match on each side.

Bearing in mind I'm 33 weeks pregnant and basting anything is nigh on impossible at the moment, I laughed at her. But it's an idea that has festered. So that's the plan. Once baby is here, that same good friend with her good ideas, will be helping me baste it! Watch this space for what may be my favourite quit ever!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Bjorn Bear [A Finish]

Back in September I started piecing a Bjorn Bear quilt for a little boy. It took me a while - not helped by forgetting to cut some pieces to take on retreat with me, but once I'd finished, I really didn't like it. And because of who it was for, I knew it had to be special. It was definitely not special.

I sat on it for a month, hoping it would grow on me but it never did. I couldn't even think of a way to salvage what I had done and improve it...So in the end I resigned myself to starting again. The little boy who will get the quilt is half Japanese, so I wanted to be careful that I didn't pick colours or items that would be inappropriate - I'd already sussed out the bears, so stuck with them. Research on number told me that nine was unlucky, so I'd already planned 12 bears, and so I stuck with that. Further research told me red was lucky and white wasn't, so I give you 12 red bears!

And I couldn't be happier with it - I love it so much more than the first version. The grey is Gotham Grey from Kona, and the reds are a Makower Linen texture (?); Makower Dimples, Moda Grunge and Moda Grunge spots. Kona White and Black Dimples complete the collection. The backing is a duvet cover from Dunelm. It's quilted in a cross hatch done with my walking foot. And then machine bound in more red!

The original blocks will sit in disgrace in my cupboard for a little while longer, but intrest has been shown in them from another party, so I think one day they will become a quilt of their own. So whilst this is a finish from my Finish Along list - I have completed a Bjorn Bear Quilt, sadly, it's had the result of adding another quilt to my list - don't tell the committee. You can find my original FAL list here.

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