Friday, 24 August 2018

Round We Go [Months 9-11]

I've got a bit behind on these posts.... but it is one of the few projects I've been making steady progress on during the last 17 weeks of feeling crap!

Month 9 was not my favourite... lots of pieces... and a little helper!

Month 10 was very straightforward - a welcome relief given my lack of energy!

And month 11 was another favourite month - I love how the different fabric placements gives two very different looking blocks - but all are the same block!

The end is in sight! One month left to share.

What's been going on?

It's all gone rather quiet over here, hasn't it? In defense I do have a good excuse - honest!

Yep - Baby number 3 will be joining the Craigs family in February next year and whilst we are aboslutely thrilled, I'm also absolutely knackered! As with my previous pregnancies, the first trimester is not a productive one for all things sewing, and sadly, even though I'm now 17 weeks, my energy is still low and so still not much sewing to report.

We've been on a couple of weekends away: one to Chester to go to the zoo, which was amazing!

And another with all the family to the local Brownie Pack Holiday house to celebrate some 60th birthdays.

We've also been enjoying the summer! We've had loads of fun in the garden with a new paddling pool and slide - Mia loves it, Jess took some convincing....

We took our annual holiday to Sidmouth for the folk festival and had a lovely week - it's fabulous to watch the girls get so much out of it - and I don't just mean copious amounts of ice-cream! Mia loved the sea, again, Jess was not convinced!

We came home via Festival of Quilts - I'd never been before and it was amazing. So many beautiful quilts, so many opportunities to purchase goodies, and most importantly, I finally got to meet some of the people in real life, that I have got to know through Instagram.

Obviously my lack of energy has not been matched with a lack of fabric purchases.... that roll of white stuff is white cork to make myself a purse! And look at the beautiful fabric that arrived from the US

That top chunky package is full of Tula Pink All Stars, Pom Poms, stripes and solids to make a Centre Stage quilt, and the second picture is a fat quarter bundle of De La Luna - I have plans...Not to mention all the little packages here and there!

Hopefully I'm getting some energy back, and I'll be able to post more often here on the blog. In the mean time, the limited sewing I am doing, I'm sharing over on Instagram @jenniesthreads