Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us..... and I have made a start on my Christmas present making. By it's very nature I can't share much here, but there's a few things I can show you. I'm also going to update my slideshow with some cards I made for last Christmas and some other photos I found on my camera before I wiped it!

To start with I spent yesterday morning finishing off four cushions: two for James, and two for Jane (guess who's is which!)

Firstly two pirate cushions. Both are the same so here is a picture of back and front. The pirate fabric came from Harrogate and the spotty and stripey fabrics came from the Fat Quarters. The cushions have envelop backs to I don't have to do any slip stitching, and so they are easier to wash (vital for a three-year-old!).

The pink ones are inevitably for Jane. The pattern came from a summer issue of Qutmaker magazine, and I have been collecting up fabrics to make a quilt of the same pattern but in blues and browns (with cream instead of black). The pink fabrics came from Linda, as I only needed a1.5inch strip of each colour, so she got back nearly a full fat quarter. The black is a tied dyed effect and came from the Fat Quarters. I have quilted both cushion covers - my first attempt at machine quilting - using an orange peel motif. I am thilled with the result - I hope Jane is too.

After the first failed attempt at making a mobile phone case for Vicky (the phone was just a bit too big - the case was fine - it was the phone's fault) i have now comleted a replacement (on the left).

The one on the right is a joint birthday present - it is a phone sock for Aunty Barbara (Aunty Barbara's birthday present) which will stop her using an actual sock to protect her phone (birthday present for Benjamin who seems to be a bit embarrased!). The one for Vicky is exactly the same as the original, but a little bigger. For Aunty Barbara's I used some fabric I got at Harrogate - I bought two fat quarters, one with a small print pattern and a matching one with a larger print. I used the smaller print pattern for the back of the case and the beinding round the top, then cut out a single motif from the large print pattern and appliqued it to the front.

Having already mentioned that it was recently Aunty Barbara's birthday, there was of course also a card: this stargazer lily design came from Cross Stitch Collection over the summer. I've already stitched a slightly smaller design from the same collection and I bought the fabric (turquoise 22hpi linen) in hope of stitching the main, larger design.

Will keep you updated as and when I make something that I am able to share this side of Christmas.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

I have been very busy, but I cant share a lot with you at the moment, because a lot of my current and recently comlpeted projects are Christmas presents or birthday presents - it'll be one hell of an update after Christmas!

I can share some patchwork blocks. Firstly one of the blocks that I am stitching by hand - I've completed two and I'm half way through a third:

The corner triangles are brown and haven't come out well. Each block wil be the same and I hope to make approx 20 and create a lap quilt.

This second block is the first mystery quilt block of the month from The Fat Quarters. We get a different block each month and Linda, Barbara and I are each doing it, but with different fabrics: This is my one. I didn't enjoy the Y-seams very much, but the end result is lovely. The next pattern, which we picked up yesterday, seems a tad more complex! No Y-seams but far more pieces.

Today's plan is to make up some Christmas presents. I an share these ones, because Im sure the recipients won't look at my blog! I need to make a couple of cushions in pink and black: I bought the black fabric yesterday and borrowed the pinks from Linda, who has quite the collection. The second pair of cushions will be pirate themed for James, and very colourful!

And you can also see the results of the secret project I'd been working on earlier this year. Take a look at the Fat Quarters website:

I was stitching 12 months worth of these angels: in the picture you can see February (front) and January.