Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Finish Along Q3

Rather last minute but here is my ridiculous list for Q3.

1. Round We Go

2. Alison Glass Triangles

3. Marcelle Medallion

4. Summer Sampler 2018

5. Sloths and Unicorns

6. Awesome Ocean

7. Blueberry Park hexies

8. Tula Nova

9. Kittens Around

10. Dachshund Cushion

11. Alphabet Embroidery

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Pineapple Hoop [A finish] and Q2 round-up

I think it's fair to say that I didn't achieve as much as I had hoped in Quarter 2 of the Finish Along. Various  commitments, and a desire to hand sew rather than machine sew, have meant less time at the sewing machine and as a result, fewer finishes. Though some good progress on my hand-sewing projects has been made.

First up, my final finish of the quarter: a hoop I started on a whim last year using a pattern by Louisa at Sew Motion. The pattern uses her signature curved paper piecing, and came together quickly. The ring was then appliqued to the background, and I added some hand quilting and a splash of embroidery. The pink is a Kona Solid (probably Candy Pink), the blue is a shot cotton, and the pineapples are from Art Gallery. The quilting and embroidery is in Finca perle #16.

Now for the rest of the quarter: just three other finishes... firstly a quilt for Jess, with lots of cats on it. 

The Inside Outside Pouch I had planned using a pattern by Aneela Hoey.
I planned one, but made two when I couldn't decide on the fabric!

And my favourite finish: the Tula Nova cushion. This is the centre of the Tul Nova EPP pattern by Tula Pink. It's what I made while at Simply SOlids attending her workshop. But in the end, it just wasn't right for where I wanted my Tula Nove to go, so rather than waste it, I made it into this cushion - a fab reminder of an amazing day!

You can find my original list, with all of the projects I didn't finish, here.

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Tula Nova Cushion [A Finish]

Back in February, you may recall that I managed to get my hands on a last minute ticket to see Tula Pink at Simply Solids. It was the best day ever

The morning was a lecture, and the afternoon was a class. During the class we started work on the Tula Nova pattern - I purchased a huge amount of her All Stars fabric line and the Stripes and Pom Poms to go with it, and during the afternoon I made a start on the very centre of the pattern.

Over the next few weeks I spent quite a lot of time laying out fabrics on the bed to decide how I wanted it to look. And I won't lie - I also bought quite a bit more fabric! I pieced a few more of the sections and added the next round to the centre I had started.

Then it all got laid out again. And I realised that while I loved the centre, it wasn't quite right for where my quilt was heading. I needed something a little more....rainbow!  So I repieced the centre.

I have to confess at this point, that I did consider continuing with the original centre and the new rainbow centre and creating two Tula Nova's - I was interested to see how the quilt would look in a more controlled colour palette. I resisted temptation - though as I write this, I still think it would have been a good idea. Instead I decided to make it into a cushion - a reminder of the best day ever.

The background is an Art Gallery Pure Elements (the same one I'm using for my Round We Go Quilt). I bought some more of the Pompoms and Stripes to back and bind the cushion, and the whole thing is hand quilted - a dry run for the hand quilting I'd like to do on the full quilt. I used Finca #16 perle cotton for the quilting.

I have to confess I was tempted not to bind the cushion but I'm so glad I did! I adore this finish!

This cushion was on my Finish Along list, which you can find here.

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Inside Outside Pouches [two finishes]

Back at the start of the quarters I planned to make an Inside Outside pouch using a pattern by Aneela Hoey so I popped it on my Finish Along list. The problem was, I couldn't decide which fabric to use... so I made two!

I didn't get the fussy cutting quite right on either, so the racoon peaks and bird has lost it's beak.... and some of it's head. Whoops! But I love these fabrics, and I love the bright green lining.

The finishing, hand-stitching binding on those internal corners was a bit of a bugger, and I really struggled to get it neat. Also, the top-stitching on the binding round the vinyl was mixed - a matching thread, which I didn't have for the racoons, is definitely more forgiving.

I hit 1000 followers on Instagram a few months ago, so I did a giveaway for the bird pouch, and I've kept the raccoons. To be in with a chance of winning, I asked people to tell me ideas for new projects - when one's WIP list is dangerously close to dropping under 100 items, new plans are desperately required! @Lupilotty won - which meant I could give her the prize in real life as she's a fellow North East Modern Quilt Guild member.

The fabrics are all Tula Pink All Stars, Pompoms and Stripes on the outside, and the lining is Kon Key Lime. I've just realised that in none of the photos can you see the Pompoms, but I used them on the ends in the same colour-way as the binding!

You can find my original Finish Along list here.
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