Monday, 21 December 2020

Hocus Pocus

Sometimes you see a quilt and you just know that it's one you're going to make! That's what happened when I first saw the Hocus Pocus quilt by Corinne Sovey. There was something about the simple images and fun colours that I just loved.

Having bought the pattern, I then realised that those "simple" bold designs were actually created using a number of different, and at times challenging, techniques. The witches boots are foundation pieced. Not a problem. The eyeball is made of concentric inset circles. I've perhaps done this technique once before... but I tried it, and overall I'm pretty pleased with it! But those stars. Templates and Y-seams. Two of my least favourite quilting terms. I thought about making foundation patterns. I thought about doing them using English Paper Piecing. I thought about applique.... in the end I put on my big-girl pants and did them. Templates and Y-seams. Success.  They took some time, but they are mostly flat and they mostly meet in the middle and I'm pretty chuffed.

And whilst all those different techniques might scare some people, I loved it. It was just the right level of challenging! 

This is, I think, only the second quilt I've ever made in all solids! I've used mostly Spectrum Solids from Makower - I'd never used them before, but it's currently tricky to get hold of Kona, and one of the online shops I buy from fairly regularly had just got the Spectrum solids in, so I risked it. They are very similar to Kona and lovely to work with. I've mixed in some Kona (one of the purples and one of the oranges) and I've used a Tula Pink designed solid for the pink. All makes sit well together (though the pink is perhaps marginally better quality and softness), though once washed I don't think you'll be able  to tell the difference!

It's backed in a black sheet, and I've quited "organic straight lines" vertically. On the front I've used an orange thread and on the back I've used a variegated thread - orange, yellow and purple! The binding was happy accident - I cut 6 width of fabric strips and was sure that would be fine (I didn't do the maths) and I cam up about 10" short. Rather than unfold the large piece of black again, I grabbed a scrappy bit of orange I had left, and now I have an orange corner to my quilt and I love it!

We hung it in the window for Halloween!

I'm also working on Corinne's Christmas Cheer quilt, and seeing some sneakpeaks of other future quilt patterns she's working on, there will definitely be more!