Sunday, 29 March 2020

Yarned and Dangerous [A finish]

Cue a flurry of blog posts as we approach the end of the Quarter! One of the projects I wanted to make this quarter was a gift for Linda. I had the idea just before Christmas - too close to Christmas to do anything about. I found something online with the phrase "Yarned and Dangerous" and I had to use it on something. I also had a panel from Ruby Star Society which had an owl on it - and she loves owls - so I put the two ideas together as a tote bag.

I used the My First Alphabet pattern by From Blank Pages for the letter and went quite scrappy with the blues and a selection of warm low volume fabrics - and just a splash of pink, because everything is better with pink!

The owl panel was bordered to bring it up to size. I made this just after the All The Single Ladies bag and I experimented a big with some foam interfacing on this tote bag. This bag also required less quilting - the result is a very structured bag - probably a bit too structured if I'm honest - I definitely prefer the weight of the All The Single Ladies bag, but I think I can still do better.

The "binding" around the top of the bag was a happy accident. The foam was too chunky to turn the lining all the way to the inside, so I embraced it and top-stitched with the edge of the lining showing on the outside and I love the look of this.

And I'm pretty sure Linda likes it - I know she is using it!  This is a quarter 1 finish from my Finish Along List.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

All the Single Ladies [A Finish]

Last October I went away on retreat with my guild mates We hired a cottage in the wilds of Northumberland and spent the weekend sewing. You can read more about that weekend here. As part of that weekend, we swapped Sisterhood blocks - each of us made eight girls in a single colourway and then we swapped so we each came home with a rainbow of girls. I made aqua girls.

One retreater, who shall remain nameless... was making her girls on retreat. Ad she kept on singing "All the Single Ladies"... so when it came to turning my girls into a tote bag, I knew exactly what I wanted to put on the reverse... I purchased a foundation pieced alphabet pattern from From Blank Pages and started piecing. In a rainbow of course! With a scrappy low volume background. It's becoming my go to fabric pull!

I honestly don't know which is my favourite side of this tote! This time, I used the heavy weight interfacing  attached to the back of the outside panels between the panel and the wadding. I don't think it's quite as successful as when added to the lining, but it gives the bit of structure I wanted.

I originally planned to use the red spot fabric for the lining which I used on the laptop case. I had ordered a rainbow striped woven webbing for the handles, but it turned out to be out of stock, so I had to make a quick decision about replacing it. I went for my go to pink. And then when it arrived, I realised just how badly it clashed with the red spot (which is quite a corally red). Back to the drawing board. I found I had enough of the succulent print from Elizabeth Hartman to line it (and leave enough for the backing of a future quilt which one day I'll actually start), which made my day because I love this fabric.

The panels were about 21" x 21", and then I boxed the corners at 2.5". It's a very straightforward construction but it does exactly what I need it to. The only thing that I might have done differently, is that the handles are maybe a bit too long... but that's infinitely better than being a bit too short! They are definietly too long for Jess, so at least it's safe from being stolen... for the moment!

This is another Finish Along finish too! 

Laptop Case

This year I spent my birthday money on a new lap top. And a new lap top obviously needs a new case! Doesn't it! Back in January our local quilt shop had a sale and I picked up a fabulous cactus and succulent fabric - with absolutely no plan in mind. And last year in an online fabric sale I picked up a larger cut of red spot fabric... well the two went together really well, so it was definitely meant to be.

I made up the pattern as I went along. I knew I needed a small outside pocket for the power cable, and I wanted longish handles. I carefully measured the laptop so it would be a snug fit and I was all set. I used some heavy weight interfacing on the lining and it gives it a little more structure than just the wadding. I've experimented a bit recently with where in the structure to put the interfacing and attached to the lining seems to be quite successful!

It came together very quickly and the laptop fits - just! Pretty pleased with this unplanned make!