Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Meadowland [A Finish]

Another finish for you tonight! Back in March 2020, whilst Josh was napping and I was enjoying maternity leave, I was stroking a new parcel of Tula Pink Pinkerville fabric, wondering what to make with it. I'd just missed the Meadowland quilt along on Instagram and finished quilts were popping up everywhere. I took a deep breath, told myself it was only fabric, and cut up the entire bundle! Eek! It was a 20-piece fat quarter bundle and I needed 20 fat quarters. It was meant to be! In the space of an afternoon it was cut out.

I was all enthusiastic. For four blocks. I needed twenty, but I lost steam and once I'd gone back to work last June, I didn't pick it up again all year. Then just after Christmas a new Meadowland quilt along was announced - the perfect shove in the right direction. The plan was five blocks a week - there were a couple of weeks where it was close to the wire when I posted my blocks, but I kept up and by early March I had a finished quilt top.

The afternoon I sewed the final seam, my niece was visiting and she seemed to like. I made her an offer. If she liked it, and promised to stop stealing her Mum's quilt, I would finish it for her for her birthday. She promised!

So I had a week to get it layered and quilted. I very nearly ran out of thread, but I made it. And I had enough of the Purple fabric to bind the quilt too.

There were times where I was unsure about this quilt. Some of the individual blocks were lovely, but others jarred a bit. In the end, when it all came together, of course it worked beautifully! And the birthday girl seemed to like it. This was the last time we saw her before the crazy of coronavirus kicked in, so I hope she thinks of it as a hug from Aunty Jennie!

This is a finish from Q1 Finish Along list!