Saturday, 8 July 2017

Finish Along Q3: Plans

Another quarter means another overly-long and highly-ambitious Finish Along List...

I've left it to the last minute to write this list, so apologies for the lack of photos!

1. Long Time Gone: this quilt is the result of Gnome Angel's latest quilt along, and it's so nearly finished! I just need to add the binding.

2. Foxy Quilt - all of the blocks are pieced and next I need to cut the sashing.

3.Baby Stars quilt: we'll be meeting the little lady later this month, so need to get this finished.

4. Another owl quilt for another baby. I ordered the backing and I'm taking my colour scheme from that.

5. Mixed Up City is yet another version of the Tula Pink City Sampler and has to be finished before the end of July.

6. Snail day quilt. All of the snails Mia and I have been making will be a picnic blanket for out holiday - so that's an end of July deadline for this quilt too!

7. and 8. I'm going to use the Garland City blocks to make 2 quilts for the girls to use at Christmas.

9. Fussy Cut Sampler quilt

10. Disney quilt, made from fabrics I picked up in a recent Instagram destash - this is Mia's reward for potty training. She's not quite there yet, so I have a little time!

11. and 12: Fancy Forest baby quilts: two of them. I have 5m of a beautiful grey background fabric - one will be for a boy and the other.... we'll just have to wait and see. Below is the one I've already made...

13. Summer Sampler 2016: a few more blocks to go but I already have the backing fabric...

14: Summer Sampler 2017: unlikely.

15: Christmas Tree quilt: these were the blocks that pushed me over 1000 blocks last year. Now they need to become a quilt.

16. Mia's dress: I've bought unicorn jersey fabric and I have a pattern!

17: ABC embroidery, which I started over a year ago....

18. Mermaid doll - it's been on here before.

19. Little Red Riding Hood doll. Ditto.

20. Moccasin Dresden: it's silly that this is still on the list and I haven't just finished it already...

21. Watermelon quilt. Another repeat offender.

22. My original City Sampler. Still half quilted.

23. Neon city: the City Sampler I made last year. Half sashed.

24. Vicky and Karl's City Sampler. I'm not looking forward to piecing this... I hate sashing.

25. Grenfell quilt: I'm using the next set of blocks from the Quilters Planner to make a quilt for the victims of Grenfell and I really don't want to let this one fall off the bottom of the list. Sadly that I know that if I don't hit the deadline for Grenfell, there will be other disasters that need our quilty love...

26. EJ+ quilt. This has no deadline, so hasn't been touched in a while...

27. Fireworks. I'd love to get this done for the end of September....

28. Threadfolk embroidery which I started this week. I don't want it to become an untouched UFO like the ABC embroidery above...

29. Travel pouch for Steph. If it doesn't get done this quarter I'm in trouble.

30. #1yearofstitches  hoop. Because I'm nearly done with it.

31. Zippy Pouch using some Alison Glass for the NEMQG swap in October.

32. A foxy cushion which will be a wedding quilt. I'm hoping there will be enough background left from the Fancy Forest quilts for this foundation pieced geometric number.

33. Baby forest quilt, using some panels and complimentary fabric. It's a kit that's been knocking around for a while and now I have a reason to do it.

34. Pineapple cushion

I think I'll leave it at that. Question is, do I have the longest list, or has Helen @Archiewonderdog beaten me again!!!?

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Finish Along Q2 round-up

Hard to believe we're half way through the year already - time is flying. But that means it's time to see how I did with the Finish Along in the last quarter. My original list was its normal ambitious self, and I have a final finish tonight.

These hoops required very little effort and yet have sat on my desk for literally months, waiting for me to get to them. They took less than an hour on Thursday evening! I had planned to add more sewing - quilting or embroidery. But the reality is that the fabrics are so pretty, I didn't need to do much - on one of the horse hoops I've actually added nothing. These are for Jess and Mia for their bedroom walls.

As for the rest of the list, I do have one monster finish. The 365 Quilt Challenge 2016 quilt is finished!! And I couldn't be more chuffed of what I achieved - read all about it here.

And I finished three baby quilts, all using the Fancy Forest pattern by Elizabeth Hartman - you'll be seeing more like this in the near future.... a full baby quilt as per the pattern...

...just the fireflies....

...and just the owls...

All three of those baby quilts will be given away, much to the disgust of my girls, so I made them a quilt too - Get Cozy.

And that's it. That's all I got finished. All of the other projects, even the small silly ones that would take a matter of a hour or so, remain unfinished. I won't go through them all here - I'll leave that to next week's Q3 post! However, I'm pretty pleased with what I did get finished, and I progressed a lot of projects and I have some new projects to add to the list that are definitely achievable in Q3. So watch this space!