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Corona Hearts

We're now 10 weeks into lock down! Back at the beginning lots of fabulous lockdown sewing patterns and sew-alongs popped up! All of them were soooooo tempting. Fortunately I'm able to still be working full time. Unfortunately this means I couldn't start lots of new projects. But it didn't stop me starting a few! And this embroidery pattern by @tinkerellen seemed very achievable! So achievable, in fact, that I made two!. The rainbow one is for Mia and the pink, stitched in a single DMC variegated thread, is for Jess. I also made Jess an extra hoops as her wall was looking a bit bare compared to Mia's! I get a lovely bundle of Kona cottons each month from Sew Hot and the pink bundle was just begging to made into something ombre! Simple piecing and some chunky hand quilting - this is a 14" hoop (I think) so her wall is definitely less bare now!

Finish Along Q1 in review

Well you can tell how behind I am on blogging, can't you - we're heading into the final month of quarter 2 and here I am only just rounding up Quarter 1! It's funny how sometimes life just runs away with you! You would think we'd all have more time with the current lock down, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way! But Q1 was quite successful, so I think it's worth documenting: I finished some quilts! First up, Fancy Forest . I love this quilt - there were times when I wasn't sure, but when I pulled it all together, the rainbow just shone! And then there was this, rather special quilt - my Tula Nova, started on my day with Tula Pink! The Meadowland quilt - finished as part of the sew along and gifted to my niece. And the Blueberry Park hexies quilt. I finished a couple of tote bags: Yarned and Dangerous for my Mother-in-law And All the Single Ladies for me Then there were a few smaller items: the tubs for my Mum And the tubs for us Some placemats

Blueberry Park Hexies [A Finish]

Well this finish has been a while in the making. Two years in fact. I started it on a whim and made a couple of blocks and then put it away. Over Christmas I got a sudden urge to work on it again, and I very quickly made enough blocks for a small lap quilt and put it together while away for work in January - hence the poor hotel lighting! Then I had to decide - keep it small or keep going. I started with a fat quarter bundle and still had some left so I just got on with cutting, cutting, cutting. I cut as many more blocks as I could from the fabric I had left, but it was soon apparent that there were a couple of fabrics I loved most which I had used quite heavily in the section of quilt I had already made. In the interest of balance (and because they were my favourite prints) I put out a call for help on Instagram - and some fabulous people helped me out - thank you @jenthepiecemaker and @the_orriginal! The final quilt top is 10 x 10 blocks (the blocks are 6" finished). I ba


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