Saturday, 7 October 2017

Finish Along Q4: Plans

It's #ridiculouslylongfinishalonglist time again! Who will have more, me or @Archiewonderdog ?

1. Superhero doll for my niece - following the success of the dolls I made for Mia and Jess I bought a panel to make one for my neice.

2. Superhero doll for my husband's cousin's son... and the panel comes with two dolls - a girl and a boy superhero. Even boys are allowed dolls! Though his father may not agree!

3. Fancy Forest baby quilt - another one! This is for good friend's whose baby arrived over the summer, and this is such a great pattern that I'm doing it again! I've cut out all the fabrics since I took this photo and I've got a weekend away coming up and I am going to be doing nothing but block, blocks, Blocks!

4. Speaking of that weekend, we're planning a secret swap - we're each making a zippy pouch. Mine's nearly there....but this is all I can show you for the moment!

5. Allie Owl baby quilt - getting the most out of the Fancy Forest pattern, I'm making another owl-only baby quilt, also for friends who had a baby over the summer - the owls are all cut and ready.

6. It's going to be a busy weekend, because I've cut all the pieces for a big owl quilt too - this is Allie Owl goes large!

7. Christmas Tree Quilt. Last December I made over 70 little Christmas tree blocks - it pushed me over 1000 blocks for 2016 - and now I need to do something with them. I have minky and I have a plan! I am also prepared for the house to be covered in red fluff by the time I'm finished!

8. Jessica's advent calendar: Mia has a mummy-made advent calendar, and this year Jess needs one. I've picked out a design I want to embroider and I'm going to try a technique of colouring in sections using colouring pencils for the first time. I really hope it works! This is the design, stolen from a Christmas card.

9. Gypsy Wife quilt: I'm working on this as a quilt along at the moment, and theoretically it could be finished by Christmas. Realistically this is a less likely entry on the list.

10. Tula Pink Butterfly quilt: another quilt along, another theoretical finish!

11. Neon City: these are the quilt blocks I created as part of #100days100blocks 2016 and it's the sashing that's holding me back.

12: My Original City Sampler: I got this out the cupboard the other day to take fresh photo, and found I'd quilted more than I remembered, but there's still a long way to go. I have Friday afternoons free (sometimes) so maybe a few weeks of Friday afternoons and it will feel closer to a finish.

13. Summer Sampler 2016: I only have a few more blocks to make for this quilt, I already have the sashing and the backing and I know how I want to quilt it.

14. Zippy for nail accessories. I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, and then this year, suddenly I stopped. And then I discovered Jamberry nail wraps.... so I need a zippy pouch to keep everything together. I'm going to use a dark fabric left over from the Jane Austen sampler quilt I made last year. It's really pretty, with subtle vintage music and postage images, but it's a really funny not-quite-black so I struggle to use it in anything. Here, it doesn't need to match and I get to show it off. I've also picked out some special scraps - Architextures, Comma, Alison Glass and that purple (top left) is one of my favourites but I've no idea what it is.

15. Always zippy. I made a Harry Potter inspired zippy pouch earlier in the year and subtle hints were made by family members... I hope to make two, but I'll count one as a win! Both are cut out....and if you squint hard, you can see the "pattern".

16. Pineapple Farm: because my list needed a bit more Elizabeth Hartman on it! This will be a Christmas present - all of the background and a couple of blocks are cut, now to raid my stash for the rest of the pineapples!

17. Narwhal hoop - a recent magazine had a brilliant little narwhal cushion. My daughters were reading the magazine with me and Mia made it quite clear that this would look nice on her wall...

18. And whilst reading the same magazine, Jessica made it clear that she wanted the dog quilt in it - I've been looking for a really good dog quilt for a few months for her so this was perfect. I'm hoping to make it as a Christmas present - Mia got her cat quilt when she was this age.

19. And if Mia is going to have a hoop (see narwhal above), then so is Jessica. I found a lovely dinosaur who fits the bill perfectly!

20.Moccasin Dresden: I am putting it on the list again, because an evening on the sofa hand-sewing this and it will be done. I don't like it very much, but I'd rather it were finished, than continue to sit there obnoxiously!

21. Fruit and Petals: time for a rethink on this project. I don't like it. I don't like the colours, I don't like the applique. I do love the embroideries. So I'm going to take it apart and find something to do with just the embroideries. I am still waiting for inspiration.

22. On a mission to clear some of the unloved projects from my WIP list (don't faint @Archiewonderdog), I'm also listing this EPP block I made. I had a vision of a whole quilt but that isn't going to happen - if only because I've repurposed half the fabrics for it. I think this will make a nice (large) pincushion don't you? Or maybe a zippy pouch. Again - I don't know what exactly it will be, but it will be finished!

23. Threadfolk embroidery: I need to get this finished, because the latest Threadfolk embroidery has just been released and there is absolutely no question about it - I will be doing it! Go take a peek!

24. Family of Owls: this has sat on my WIP list for a long time, and the reality is it won't be finished as originally planned - a lap quilt. I have four blocks in various stages of completion and I need to do something with them. I need inspiration for this one too! The right-hand owl isn't blond - he will have buttons for eyes....

25. Mini half-hexies: started on a whim, but I know exactly what these will become!

26: #52weekswiththequiltersplanner orange and green quilt: I think I have enough blocks, just make them into something!

27: #52weekswiththequiltersplanner teal and purple - this one needs a couple more blocks but I have all the fabric to complete the quilt top.

28: Row row row cushion: it's Jessica's favourite nursery rhyme, and Mia already has a twinkle, twinkle cushion! I've picked out this mini charm pack for it, and sketched out the words.

29. Baa baa Black sheep cushion: for friends who are about to have a baby girl and have a sheep themed nursery. I picked up this fabric but need to add in some fabrics to you know, make it less dull!

30. Scrunchies for Mia: since Mia started nursery she loves wearing a scrunchie in her hair - it takes me back to when I was little. She calls them flowers, but we only have school coloured ones - dark green. It can't be that hard to make scrunchies so I've pulled out these fabrics. And wouldn't they make great stocking fillers? I'f I get three made I'm counting that as a Finish Along success - if I don't put it here, it'll never happen! The blue floral is a fat quarter she picked herself last time I took her to a fabric shop, and the green on top is leftover from a dress I made when she was tiny.

31: Leftover Garland City Cushion: I have four blocks leftover and loads of scraps so I think a cushion to match the girls Advent quilts is in order!

32: But of course, that will have to be two cushions, not one!

33: And in an effort to get rid of these leftover blocks from Alba's quilt, I'm going to make a little blanket to fit in a child's pram - because that's what we're planning to get Jess for Christmas!

There we go. There are quite a few items on this list which should be quick finishes if I can just make some decision and find a few hours, so I'm hopeful for another successful quarter! My current WIP list stands at a measly 84 - if I get all these done it will be looking very sad indeed.