Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Good Bye Horrid Hoodie

Next week my Husband, Michael, and I will celebrate 7 years since he proposed to me in Sidmouth, Devon. And we will be back in Sidmouth again this coming Friday for the week long folk festival - we've been counting down for months. So what has this to do with a horrid hoodie, you may ask?

Well, since before I met my Husband at university in September 2003 he has owned a bottle green hoodie with the words "St. Michael" across the front. Brits amongst you will recognise this as Marks and Spencers brand. And looking at the Wikipedia article for Marks and Spencers, this brand died a death in the early 2000s. This is how old the hoodie was. It was shapeless, as big as a tent (even before Michael had lost all his weight) had holes in it and was truly horrid.

A couple of months ago he asked if I could include the hoodie in a quilt - a asked him whether he wanted a comfort blanket and that was the last I heard of the idea, until he bought himself a Kindle.

As we are going on holiday next week, he now wants a cover for the Kindle to stop it getting and scratched. And here we return to the hoodie.

Oh how I enjoyed taking nice big scissors and a rotary cutter to it :) Here is the finished article. He is thrilled and so am I.

It's a bit longer than it needed to be for the kindle, but it meant we could keep the entire motif - and the holes!

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