Sunday, 9 October 2011

Progress on the Essential Sampler Quilt

And this is why I picked two simple Farmer's Wife Blocks for week 19. I wanted to start contruction on my Essential Sampler Quilt:
(I would have left my Glamourous Assistant's head in the picture, but he kept pulling stupid faces!)
Ever since I deceded to use the quilt-as-you-go technique I have been thinking through these steps - 9 months. Yesterday I got to put the theory into practice. Everything went very smoothly. The worst part is squaring and trimming the blocks. The hardest part was getting the batting to butt up and not overlap and not leave a gaping hole. The easiest part was attaching the batting using a wonderful new product Heat Press - it looks like bandage but is sticky on one side when you iron it and it holds the batting together - so simple. This is the centre of the quilt - there is another row of blocks all round the edge making 25 in total. I have three left to piece - two of them are started but not finished. I then have to quilt about 12 more blocks - progress but still a long way to go. I'm aiming to finish it within a year of starting it - so mid January 2012.

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