Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Best Day Ever

Yesterday was absolutely the BEST DAY EVER! And I warn you, this post has a lot of photos! I spent it down at Simply Solids in Slaithewaite who were hosting a day with Tula Pink! Yes - Tula Pink. Now, I am not a fan girl - I like some of her fabric, not others. I love her books, but don't own them all - although the City Sampler is possibly my favourite quilt book of them all. In fact, I hadn't booked a ticket for the event - it wasn't until last week, when a cancellation came up, that I decided to go - but boy was that a good call.

To start with, I don't live near Huddersfield... I got up at 4am, and I am not a 4am type person. I did a couple of pick ups, we dodged the traffic on the M62 and made it to Slaithewaite in time for breakfast.
This quilt may have to be added to the list... I love it!

The morning was a lecture with Tula Pink in the local hall. It was amazing. She is an excellent public speaker, talking about the realities of designing fabric - her process, the process from an idea in her head to our local quilt shops. She had some of her quilts with her too. They were all beautiful! Bright colours, fabulous designs and the quilting ... it was as exciting to see some Angela Walter's quilting close up as it was to Tula's quilts. I will forever aspire to quilt like that!

After a lovely lunch, we attended a workshop with Tula. It was an English Paper Piecing workshop and we started her Tula Nova quilt.

Luckily for me, this was a quilt that was already on my list and I already had the papers for. Tula gave us tips on fussy cutting, basting and sewing - some of it I knew, lots of it was new! I am taking so much away from what she taught us! Here is the small start I made.

Of course, it would have been rude to make it in non-Tula fabrics, so I splashed out on some of her new All Stars fabric. I was fairly late coming to Tula's fabrics, and I've never really fallen for a line until Spirit Animal - her latest range with the otters.

But I embraced the day and pre-ordered some of the larger scale animal prints that she is re-releasing all shiny and new for this range. And they are beautiful! Totally different to what I normally buy, but so bright and colourful, delicious colours, and so many things to look at - the detail is amazing. I think I may have to reassess my "love her patterns, not sure about the fabrics" to "Love it all", because I have totally fallen for it, and I will look at all of her future ranges with new eyes!

Tula was so friendly and approachable. She was travelling with her Mum, who was just as lovely. The ladies at Simply Solids, Justine and Lisa, had worked so hard to make the day a success and it really was! And it was so nice to spend a day in a room full of like-minded people and meet in real life some of the people in my phone!

It really was the best day ever, and I'm still buzzing!


Lin said...

Sounds like a really fab day - I love those spots and stripes. xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sounds like a brilliant day!