Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Finish Along Quarter 1: The List

I am well known for my ridiculously long finish along lists. But this may be the most ridiculous - not just by volume, but also due to the fact that baby number 3 is due in just over a week! I looked back to when Jess and Mia were born: Mia's finish along list was just 7 items (my lists have definitely got more ridiculous since 2014). I finished just one - her quilt. Jessica's finish along list consisted of 12 projects - I completed two items but also, in re-reading those blog posts, I've learned that achievable finishes and variety are the name of the game - I did plenty of sewing that quarter, just not from the list! So with that in mind...

1. Hidden Agenda: this is possibly my favourite non-finish from last year - one side is pieced, but the reverse will be the same pattern, mirrored and in all low volume - you've got to love friends who have bright ideas! All of the low volume pieces are cut and stored in bags. The square in square blocks are pieced. And somewhere safe. But due to baby brain I have no idea where that "somewhere safe" is at the moment. Biggest challenge of the quarter may be finding those blocks...

2. Quilt for baby: I'm feeling a little bit guilty about this one. By the time Jess and Mia were born, both had finished quilts. That just isn't going to be the case this time round, but I'd like to think it won't be too long after he arrives. I bought a kit from Craftsy - I just need to make it.

3. Tula Nova: this has been on a few lists now, but I'm getting closer each time. The EPP is done, and the next steps - piecing the background and basting the EPP ready for applique are jobs best done without a bump. But after that it's all hand piecing and sofa sewing.

4. Mermaid embroidery: this is reappearing on the list after a gap because I lost the pre-printed panel. It came from the US, brought back by my sister-in-law, and then it disappeared - I literally have no idea where it is. So when a friend travelled to te US last year and offered to bring me some things back, I reordered it. And I will get it embroidered and in a hoop nd on Mia's wall before I lose it again.

5. At the same time that I bought the mermaid panel, I bought a moon moth panel for Jess.

6. And when I replaced the mermaid panel, I bought an owl panel for the new baby.

7. Architextures and Botanics quilt: this is the quilt top that cme out of the #100days100blocks2018: I wasn't sure about it when I finished it, but it's grown on me, and I've decided on a backing. But sadly, the backing needs piecing - another job to do post-bump. I've ordered a lovey mustard thread to quilt it!

8. Awesome Ocean: I think this may have appeared on every list last year. But progress has been made and you never know, this may be the quarter!

9. Fancy Forest: another old-timer on the list - it's not quite as far along as Awesome Ocean.

10. Lisa the Unicorn: this is a quilt my sister-in-law has asked me to make for a friend and I've actually started it since the last list (when I had only cut it out).

11. I'm adding Ice Cream Soda. I know I still have a huge amount of work to do on it, but it's my project of choice at the moment, and that momentum may continue - I'd at least like to make some progress - may be a finished top.

12. Summer Sampler 2018: this project keeps coming to mind at the moment: the blocks will all be made from Palm Canyon, and I think it's the summery colours I want to play with.

13. Easter Sampler: started nearly 2 years ago... will it be finished for Easter 2019?

14. Round of Cats: I'm still at the "one block made" point in this quilt and the longer I leave it, the bigger it will have to be as Mia keep growing...

15. Row row row your boat cushion: I've been wanting to make this cushion for Jess for ages, but I finally found the perfect fabric for it.... if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream! (in pink!).

16. Dachshund with ears: I've moved on from a while quilt - this just needs to be a cushion and it will take about 2 hours to get there.

17. It's Just a Phase embroidery: because it will be very appropriate - progress has been made since this photo.

18. Penguin Party: I started this last quarter with a view to it being a Christmas quilt, but ran out of energy - but only after cutting all the fabric - it's all sitting there ready to go under the needle. Totally achievable!

19: There's a quilt for Mia on the list, there's a quilt for the new baby on the list, so I'd better put a quilt for Jess on the list: I bought a kit from Craftsy featuring Trolls - her favourite! I should sew it before she decides she doesn't like it any more - when does the new Trolls movie come out? It's mostly a panel so how hard could it be?

20. Bjorn Bear rainbow quilt: the reject, but Aunty Barbara wants it... all the blocks are made.

21. Alison Glass Triangles - I want to make a pouch with them.

22. Swap mini quilt for a swap with the ladies (and gent) I made my 365 quilt with. No photos cause it's a surprise. But it will be a rainbow and sewing themed!

23. Crayons quilt for a baby born back in October.  I haven't started it yet...But it will be scrappy.

Twenty-three is pretty normal for me. Right? I'm not crazy? Right?
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Archie the wonder dog said...

Twenty-three seems like a decent number! (2020 for the Trolls film, apparently.) Good luck with it all - I hope Baby Boy makes an appearance soon xx

Megan said...

Nice long list! I'm also planning my finish along list around a baby due soon - though not as soon as you.

dq said...

You have posted photos of so many beautiful projects that I honestly don't know where to begin. I am glad that others out there have as many projects in the work as my self. It seems to validate what I am doing.

Ice cream soda is to die for, and the bears and Fancy Forest quilts are so much fun. Also, the fabrics for your baby quilt are so cute.

Natasha said...

So many cute quilts! I love the "round of cats"! I see that you have lots of WIPS. I wish you all the luck getting more of these finished this quarter. Your baby won't know the difference with his quilt though. You'll finish it eventually and it will be perfect for him. Happy sewing!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

All of your creations are so beautiful. Just keep at it, I'll be cheering for you! And have a wonderful time with your new baby who will be totally spoiled with 2 big sisters.

Sarah said...

What a big list, but more importantly what a lot of beautiful projects you have on the go. I would be overwhelmed knowing just which beauty to work on 'today' because your choices are all so great. I hope you make nice progress with your FAL list, but remember there's no guilt if you spend all your time cuddling your beautiful new boy and two adorable girls. They aren't wee for too long.

Lynne said...

As much I would like to cheer you on for progress on your FAL list, I agree with thte previous poster to not feel guilty if not much gets done with a new babe. Enjoy the sweetness of your new baby when they arrive. Your gorgoeous projects will still be there when you have time and the creative outlet an important outlet in motherhood. On behalf of the entire FAL crew, I would like to thank you for participating, past, present and future!