Wednesday, 9 October 2013

WIP Wednesday [Batik and bias]

I'm not sure I've shared this project before... it's for my Mum.

Lots of batiks, all sewn together and then black bias strips over every seam. Sounds straight forward doesn't it. I'm cheating a little with pre-made bias, but I still need to be sewing down each side of each strip, and then I'll be hand quilting. It measures just 23" x 15" - the smallest pieces are just an inch finished.

I think I'll be spending a while looking at these pretty colours over the next few months. Did I mention that I started this nearly two years ago?

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Heidi said...

Wow, the black really brightens each color up! I hope I see the quilting!

Leo said...

I think I have seen the wip before ... but it's nice so it doesn't hurt to show it again.

Are you planning the bias taping? so that you can cover the beginning and end of each strip with another strip? or do you fold them in?

Unknown said...

Amazing, the effect of the black bias! I love the colors with the black. It is not cheating and yet a lot of work! But it is worth while.