Monday, 2 April 2018

All-in-one Box Pouch

You may have noticed from my blog over the past 6 months of so that I quite enjoy making pouches designed by Aneela Hoey... I took part in the #stitchedsewingorganizerssal and discovered I that her patterns were wonderfully easy to follow and the end results were brilliantly useful. So when she relaunched her All-in-one box pouch a few months ago it went straight on the to-do list. As far as I could tell, it was the like the boxy pocket pouch pattern in her book, and that was mega useful. But with a pocket with see through insides on the front. Perfect for threads... I decided to make it ready for my latest trip to Oxford so I could fill it full of EPP projects and sew on the train and in the hotel room.

For the body of the pouch I picked out a linen type fabric which was slightly heavier weight than regular quilting cotton. I added some Les Fleurs roses from Cotton and Steel and a couple of coordinates. I then decided to make life harder for myself and add a pocket to the back in addition to the pocket on the front. Queue trial and error and swearing and not exactly what I wanted, but it works!
My back pocket addition...
The front pocket nearly had me. The binding was too narrow first time round, and I had to start again with that step. Meanwhile I found it really difficult to get the zip and binding to curve round the corners tidily.

You see the hand top-stitching along the zip? I really like it and I'd love to say I'd planned it, but I totally forgot to add machine top-stitching until I'd finished it and found the lining catching in the zip, by which time it was definitely too late to fix it on the machine. But having done it once, I might do it again. Maybe.

It turns out that compared to the boxy-pocket pouch, the construction is very different and this pattern results in a bigger pouch. But it's fabulous. The front pockets hold all of my EPP threads, and there is plenty of space inside to hold all of my little packages of pieces ready to be sewn up. I also use a tiny plastic box with clip on lid to hold thimbles and scissors and a tiny pin cushion - that fits too. And the glue pen and spare glue go in the pocket on the back. In other words, it's perfect for all my EPP projects!

When I bought this pattern, I also bought the pattern for the inside-out pouch, so keep your eyes peeled for that too!

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Archie the wonder dog said...

It's lovely and I adore the hand stitched top stitching!