Sunday, 1 April 2018

March [Review]

How is it April already? March just whizzed by in a blur - we were so busy with trips away, family catch-ups and sewing that I barely got a chance to keep up with my blog - so that means a flurry of blog posts over the next few days as I try and catch up and get linked up for the Finish Along. I sewed up a storm in the gaps between the chaos, so as well as a few finishes, there were a couple of starts as well - obviously! And my WIP list is pushing the mid-90s!

I've fallen off the Aves wagon and I am about 5 weeks behind, but my word are they weeks! Some really complex blocks and then some simpler blocks but in pretty high volumes! I really need to spend some time on this project in April otherwise it may never move forward. As usual, it's a foundation pieced block that's stopped me - I need to find a way round this kind of "hard-stop" in my sewing mentality and get over it.

I have made some progress on my Curve Motion block of the month, but I'm behind with that too...the curved English paper piecing is enjoyable but I have to confess it's not always the first thing I pick up when I sit down to sew. But when I do pick it up and make good progress, I really enjoy it! I've now appliqued the month 1 rings - a small pink one and a larger blue one, onto the beautiful background fabric. And I've made two and a half of the month-2 rings - I need 4. And month 3 arrived a couple of weeks ago. I still need to finish the third and fourth rings, applique them to the background and quilt  this section so far.

I'm all up to date with my Mandolin quilt, so that gets a separate post over the next few days, and I'm all up to date with the Round We Go quilt - I think I still need to share months 6 and 7 for this project.

I've pieced some Ice Cream Soda blocks whilst on my travels and I've sewed up a huge number of animal blocks for the #elizabethhartmanalltheanimalssewalong.... so watch for a post on that too. And I started a new project on a whim. I stole my mothr-in-law's latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting, which has all the papers for an EPP project on the front. And I discovered that there were several other projects in the magazine that I liked too - including this hexagon pattern. I dug out my warm bundle of Blueberry Park and just started. I've made up the pattern as far as the magazine, but wouldn't this look great as a full size quilt? And I have plenty of fabric.... so rather than the quick finish I had promised, this is the start of another long term project - whoops!

And I've had a couple of finishes. And as it's the end of the quarter, I'll be needing to do a round up of the Finish Along too!

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Archie the wonder dog said...

Love those hexagons, but it's what?!!! *buys yet more biscuits*

P.S. Would it help if you saved all the fpp Aves blocks and did them one after the other? Or would that just lead to you having a load of blocks to do at the end that you hated doing? (Or you could epp them instead of fpp...)