Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Alexandria Quilt

I know that I haven't finished my Ice Cream Soda quilt yet. And I know that I haven't finished my Mandolin Quilt yet. But I'm making good progress on both. So when Jodie @ Tales of Cloth announced her latest block of the month, I didn't feel too guilty about ordering the free taster pack. This year's quilt is a medallion quilt, so the taster pack is the very centre section.

I'm always really impressed with how quickly these packages arrive from Australia. I had already decided to use my Zuma fabric for this tester piece at least.... but when I opened the packet I was quite surprised at how small the pieces were. Luckily Zuma has quite small scale prints! I spent a while deciding on prints and placement.

At the same time, Jodie shared an updated picture of where the quilt was heading.... not a finished version but enough to make me think. And I have to confess that I'm not sure. Looking at it, I don't think Zuma will work well for the whole quilt. So a change of plan: I got out my coloured pens and printed off the colouring sheet and had a play... this is what I'm thinking.

The fabric selection will be quite scrappy but within these coloured segments and the outer areas may change along the way. The Zuma centre I've made won't go to waste, though. I'm going to applique it to some Alison Glass fabric and mount it in a hoop for Jessica... because it's pink!

And whilst I was ordering from Australia, I've used some birthday money to buy the pieces and templates for another of Jodie's patterns, Cherish. And I'm going to pair them with Tula Pink's Tabby Road fabric which I happened to pick up in a destash recently... The Zuma fabric might just have to wait for another project! Now I'm trying to make as much progress as possible on my Ice Cream Soda quilt before the next parcel arrives, because I know that as soon as it does I will want to play with the new goodies!

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