Saturday, 2 February 2019

Alison Glass Triangles [A Finish]

Last Spring I signed up to a swap: baste forty 2" triangles with a pretty Alison Glass fabric, send them off and patiently wait for forty different triangles to come back. I signed up twice so I would have enough triangles for pouch panel.

Note to self... always check the requirements carefully signing up for things. I signed up because the swap was being run by friends... those same friends (I'm looking at you Maria @stitchy.stitchy) decided all basting should be thread basting... there is a very good reason I glue baste and this reinforced all my reasons. It. Takes. So. Long! And it is so dull... if I am going to spend time sewing, I want it to be productive. And thread basting does not feel productive. The 43 glue refills I used last year seem like a bargain!

Anyway, once I'd got over the thread-basting, I received a package of pretty little rainbow triangles. Which I then ignored for 8 months. I had vague plans of adding more triangles from my stash of fabrics not already represented. But I never got round to it, despite putting these triangles on my Finish Along list a few times.

It turns out last week Thursday was the day. For whatever reason, I glue-basted extra triangles and decided on a layout. A few evenings of piecing and I had a panel far too big for a pouch! But by a fluke, it turned out the exact size needed to make a rectangular cushion that would fit a cushion pad I already have! And as luck would have it, Saira @oliveandflohandcraft had a sale where I picked up some more Alison Glass to back it.

This became part of my new tradition of making something for me on my birthday each year... last year it was my Gypsy Wife that I finished, and while this isn't a full quilt, it is very pretty and I'm quite attached to it. Sadly, other family members also seem to be quite attached to it. Mia would like it...

My mother has tried to steal it...

And if I made one for every family member who has dropped "subtle" hints, I'd need to make another 6 cushions. It's not happening, guys!

This is my first Finish Along finish for the quarter. You can find my original list here.
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Lin said...

I can see why they would all want one! xx

Julie said...

This is beautiful!! I adore Alison Glass for her prints and color. O can see why they want it! Congratulations on your finish on behalf of the 2019 FAL team.