Thursday, 26 December 2019

Kittens Around [Two Finishes]

I'm about to embark upon a flurry of blog posts before the new year and the customary annual roundup post! This is a finish from back in October... a couple of years ago I started a quilt for the girls using the Kittens Around pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns. I did loads of cutting, and made one kitten. I think it was the whiskers that delayed me - they are the only part of the pattern which is foundation pieced and I often find I have to be in the right mood to foundation piece... and I wasn't for about 2 years...and in the interim both girls had grown and so the original quilt size was a bit small.

Fast forward to the end of my maternity leave and the attempts to finish as much as possible before I went back to work in June. These kittens came to the top of the pile. I made the kittens, and then girls each picked two kittens and a colour for the wool. I had a new plan: double-sided cushions.

I've never made double-sided cushions before. And I've ever inserted a zip in the seam (I always put a zip in the middle of the back - not an option on a double-sided one). I read some tutorials, bought the zips and decided that I'd take the kittens on retreat.

It was just as well I did as we were a house full of adults with no children present... because my language was rather choice. The first cushion fought back. I lost count of the number of times I had to unpick that f*cking zip! And it wasn't perfect (in fact it wasn't close to perfect). But I was done! The second cushion went together perfectly first time. Typical.

But the cushions are done, and my kids really don't mind that the zips are wobbly. They loved them! These are both a finish from my Q4 Finish Along list. And as long-standing WIPs, I'm pretty pleased to finally tick them off! You can find my original list here.

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Emily said...

These are so cute! Cushions are a great way to make fewer blocks :)