Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Marmalade Pouch [A Finish]

Earlier in the year, I had some fabric custom-printed by a UK based company called Print Me Pretty. It was a bit of a risk as I had no idea what I was doing, but I ordered a metre each of two very special pages of text. First up was a page of the family marmalade recipe from my Mum's side. We're not sure if it's written by my Granny or my Great Granny, but it's the family recipe - I have plans to try it out this coming January! I love the page - you can see all the splatter from countless marmalades over the years!

I decided to use it to make a large Lola Pouch for my Mum for Christmas. On one side is this recipe fabric and on the other is a free motion embroidery of oranges and marmalade. I did a little free motion embroidery about 5 years ago, and then tried again at the Sewing Shindig retreat in September this year with the lovely Lesley (@mrs_moog). I had an image in my head and I really wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the result - it's pretty much exactly what I had imagined, and I have plans to use this technique more in the coming year.

The Lola Pouch pattern by Sotak Handmade is one of my most-used patterns this year - I love how the finish, with the binding round the zip, just gives the pouch a little something extra special. The base of the pouch if a copper coloured pleather - I'd had a couple of practices with this pleather and I've been really pleased with how it sews up. I even remembered to put on the tabs.... normally I forget and find the tab on my sewing desk once I've finished! The fabric for borders and binding is Lizzy House Constellations in Olive Green, and I added just a little bit of hand quilting to the embroidery side. And some machine quilting on the recipe.

I gave it to my Mum on Christmas day and she was over the moon with it. I'll tell you about the second fabric I had printed in my next post! This was on my Q4 Finish Along list, which you can find here.

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