Sunday, 27 November 2011

So close and yet so far....

I've been working on loads of projects this weekend and so many are really nearly finished. I have had a thread issue - I ran out of the cream that I've been using to quilt, so my Countdown to Christmas Quilt is mostly quilted - just four more wavy lines to do; my Merry Cushion is nearly finished - just some top stitching on the back; and my animal quilt is nearly finished - just the binding to finish. Some of the Christmas presents I've been working on are also NEARLY finished - some I won't be able to share until after Christmas, but others I'll share as soon as I finish them.

As such, it has been quite a frustrating weekend, but I have moved a lot of projects further forward, if not finished them.

So my only finish to report is the first of my December Calendar Girlies: designed by Debbie from Letters Tied with Blue, this is the final design in the set of 12. I've stitched 6 of each design each month for 2011 as the Christmas presents for 6 special people. Miss December marks the end of the journey. 1 is totally finished, 3 more are embroidered and the binding attached, but not finished, and the final 2 still need to be embroidered. I've really enjoyed making up these miniature quilts all year and I hope the recipients have enjoyed receiving them every month. Next time I visit my Granny, I'll get a picture of them all together. Here is Miss December decorating her Christmas Tree

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