Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free motion quilting..... not such a success

So - I signed up for the Free Motion Quilting challenge from Sew Cal Girl.... The January challenge was leaves. The video tutorial was exxcellent. My skills, not so much.

This is my first attempt at Free Motion Quilting. It's not tooooooo bad. But I am definitely not going to be risking it on a quilt anytime soon.
Lots more practice is needed.... I'm happy with the shape of some of the leaves, but not others, and trying to go back over stitches seems to be a bit of an area for improvement.
This is the view from the back

Hopefully one of these tutorials each month will help me improve.


Anonymous said...

You did great! Much better than I :0(

Unknown said...

I found it hard going back over the vein, but I think your first try looks good!