Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Tangerine orange is the colour of the 2012. And it has been noted by Erin at Two More Seconds that it isn't a common quilty colour.

I am growing to love orange. this time last year, if you had asked me, I didn't like orange. Then I started the Farmers Wife Quilt and accidentally found myself first buying a lot of orange fabrics and then wanting to use them: looking back over the 58 blocks I have made so far, some of my absolute favourites are orange:

So, if you ask me today, I love orange - it's so fresh and bright. And it looks gorgeous against black. So I am taking the challenge to make a tangerine quilt. I'm going to make a mini (limited to 30" on the longest side) and the rules are orange + a neutral + one other colour. I have some ideas.... horribly garish ideas! Isn't it wonderful!

Check out the Flickr group for the rules, some orange inspiration and, as we move towards the deadline (beginning of March), the entries.


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I added Orange (Burnt Orange) to the master bedroon last year much to some peoples horror ... who whould have know I was ahead of the times ! lol I love your Farmers blocks, the organge just pops. hugs, Sharon

Melissa said...

I love orange and these blocks are just fantastic! Horribly garish ideas are my favorite (especially when it involves awesome contrasting colors)!