Saturday, 17 March 2012


I don't normally blog twice in one day, but I have to share my latest creation with you! The "Swooning on a Hop Along" Flickr group is moving on and I am doing Hopscotch. Triangles. Not the kind where you cut a square in half.... I don't remember ever doing a practice test block before, but today I did. Here are six Hopscotch blocks! The thing is the pattern uses templates..... I HATE templates - there is just so much opportunity for inaccuracy: you make the template - 1/16" out, you draw round the template onto fabric - another 1/16", you cut out the fabric - another 1/16" and then there is the normal opportunity to mess up your seam allowance. Just no. So I was determined to work this out with my ruler and rotary cutter. It is possible!!! And so straightforward. Except for the number of times I had to turn the ruler round to find the right angle.... These blocks come together so quickly and I'm really excited to work on the "real" one. And not a single Y-seam.

This block of six is about 25" across at the widest part and I'm going to make it into a table topper for the coffee table in my sewing room/our living room.

I spent the rest of the day piecing my Oh My Stars quilt top. Two thirds are done! Hopefully photos of the finished piece tomorrow...


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Wow, yes a table topper. I can even see this on my table! Well done. I am looking forward to starting my Hopscotch soon.

Anonymous said...

Its going to look brilliant.