Thursday, 22 March 2012


Here is my finished Swoon Quilt top. I finished it yesterday but Michael's arms aren't long enough to hold it up for me to photograph and it's taken me a day to come up with the idea of pinning it up on the wooden surround around the arch from our dining room to kitchen! Even then I can't get far enough back to photograph it well - unfortunately this will have to do!

And then I did the same with my Oh My Stars Quilt top. This is mostly finished but still needs two borders to be added.: a very narrow one in blue (about 1" finished) and then a 6" finished border in a white fabric from the range with large blossoms on it. If I'm honest, I'm currently fed up of pinning long seams, especially those where I have to be careful not to lop of points from stars.... so it may be a while before the borders get added.

I think I'm going to quilt both in a similar way - stipple/swirls in the background fabric, then something in the centre of the big stars on the Oh My Stars quilt (maybe echoing the seams) and then a stencil design in the middle of the swoons (except the central one which I've fussy cut). I'm hoping it will really make the stars themselves pop. But I think those will be projects for after Easter, when I have some days off.


aksherry said...

Jealous!!!!! I am making both of these but not getting very far along. Both are so pretty!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Your Swoon is GORGEOUS!!!