Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seventy Little Blocks

This morning I hit seventy Farmer's Wife Blocks! I confess I picked a couple of straightfroward ones...

#74 Ribbons: I rotary cut this one and pieced it as if they were flying geese units. Again I was seduced by orange!

#109 Windows: Again, I rotary cut this. There's quite a lot of black in this one so I hope it fits in ok with the other blocks.

So I now have seventy blocks and just fourty-one still to go (though some of the difficult ones are left).
I also Swooned again today. I bought my fabric for Hopscotch yesterday and I'm really excited to start, but I must finish piecing my Swoon first, so I pieced block six today, and I have cut the pieces for blocks seven and eight (and block nine may get cut before bedtime....maybe). Because it's soooo big, I'm thinking of backing it with a good quality bed sheet and free motion quilting it on my home machine as my first big project. Maybe I'm mad. Maybe there will be a delay in finishing this quilt!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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quirky granola girl said...

I've been picking a bunch of easy blocks, too. O just need to see some progress on this project.